Community Partners

The Community Partner Program was developed as a way for Blue Rooster and its employees to contribute to the community while providing important telecom services and expertise to non-profit and community organizations.

















What is the Community Partner Program?

Non-profit or community organizations agree to use Blue Rooster Telecom's telephone and Internet services. Blue Rooster provides these services at discounted rates and donates a percentage of the monthly bill back to the community partner in exchange for recognition (called crowing). The recognition can take the form of mentions of Blue Rooster in newsletters, Blue Rooster banners at events, or any other crowing that is agreed upon. Programs are usually set up on a yearly basis but the timing can be adjusted to fit the needs of the organization.

What is the benefit?

The Community Partner Program saves the non-profit or community group real dollars while providing the latest technology for volunteers and staff so they can be their most productive.  Blue Rooster benefits by being known for helping valued non-profits and community groups to succeed. The community as a whole benefits by having more successful organizations in all sectors.

How to participate?

Contact Blue Rooster Telecom at (805) 543-8700 or e-mail at