How the BYOD Trend Affects Your Office

September 18th, 2014

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How the BYOD Trend Affects Your Office

BYOD, or bring your own device, is becoming the standard for many offices across the United States. Simply put, it means employees using their own computers, cell phones, tablets, etc. at work. Many are calling this trend the “consumerization of IT” because it allows workers to use devices that fit their own needs rather than those of the IT department. It can make employees more productive since they’re more familiar with their own technology. But the trend raises many questions for employers:

• Mobile security is a big issue. Your data is only as safe as the least secure employee’s device. You need to ensure that employees download mobile malware and antivirus software to protect their devices and the company’s information.

• All of the mobile devices that employees bring in will need to use wi-fi. Companies may want to look into upgrading their wireless infrastructure to a commercial grade that will handle all of the additional users.

• The turnover cycle of devices increases because many employees will upgrade their phones every 2 years. This requires more security checks of the new devices and additional IT support.

• Think about creating policies that specify what the company will handle and what the individual employee is in charge of on their device. Will the employee be responsible for updating to the latest version of software or is that the company’s responsibility? What kinds of data can be accessed from mobile devices vs. on secured desktop computers?

While there are a lot of things to think about when deciding to implement a BYOD policy at your company, Dell estimates that it can add up to 460 productivity hours per employee annually. Would your company consider joining the BYOD trend?


Blue Roo visits the Clark Center

September 11th, 2014

Blue Roo got a backstage tour of the Clark Center for Performing Arts last Tuesday when he came by to drop off a special donation. He learned all about the Green Room, where performer’s lounge and wait for their time in the spotlight. Although, Blue thought it should be called the Blue Room.

The Clark Center has been supporting the community’s performing arts since 2002. It is a state-of-the-art performing arts facility that was envisioned by Cliff and Mary-Lee Clark. A venture made possible by the The South County Performing Arts Building Foundation and the Lucia Mar Unified School District, the space is utilized by  Arroyo Grande High School students and professional entertainers alike to provide entertainment for the community.

The upcoming 2014-2015 season starts next week, September 20th, with a performance of Defending the Caveman. It is the longest running solo play in Broadway history and explores the ways that men and women relate to each other. For all of the other performances happening this season, go to the Clark Center website.


Jeffrey Buckingham (President of Blue Rooster Telecom) and Connie O’Henley (Executive Director of Clark Center) pose with Blue Roo as the $230 donation is presented.

Imagination Park Fall Classic 2014

September 9th, 2014

Check out all the fun we had at hole number 2, The Blue Rooster Hoedown, while raising money for Jack’s Helping Hand Imagination Park.

5 Questions to Ask Before Moving Offices

August 27th, 2014

Amongst all the boxes of important files and furniture waiting for the big office move, there are also all of the invisible communication resources such as phone lines and internet service that need to be transferred to the new digs.

Planning well before the actual move is the key to ensure that you don’t have any telecommunications downtime and potentially lost clients. One of the most important factors is providing plenty of advance notice for all service providers. Here are some questions to consider:

1. What internet and telephone services are available at the new address?
Making a visit to your new office with a representative from your telecommunications provider is an excellent idea. The availability of internet and telephone services varies from one building to another. Something to keep in mind is that many less expensive spaces are farther away from downtown areas and may have fewer and more expensive options for internet and telephone service. Make sure that the services that you need are available at a price you can afford.

2. Is there adequate telephone and computer wiring in the new building?

It is also a good idea to visit the new office with your computer networking company and the company that provides your telephone system. They can help you determine if there is adequate wiring to all of the individual work stations for computer and telephone. Do not underestimate the wiring costs that may be necessary!

3. What kind of growth or expansion do you expect in your company in the next 2-5 years?
This is the perfect time to reconsider new communication solutions that will continue to work for your business in the coming years. Will you need more phone lines installed and faster Internet service because you’ll be hiring more people? You also might want to consider adding a backup Internet connection. Making the new office tech-ready for years to come will make life easier for you in the future.

4. What kind of contract terms do I have with my telecom carrier?
If you are moving or terminating service contracts, look carefully at your plan. The provider may require that you provide advance notice of a move or termination. If your existing carrier does not offer service at the new address, this could mean you need to find a new provider and could trigger a contract termination charge with your existing carrier. Know the terms to avoid fees!

5. Does your company have business continuity plan?
A business continuity plan is important to have at all times for any business, but especially in a move. The plan should contain an inventory of all equipment in the office, temporary resources like cloud and backup servers, a list of business priorities and data, and emergency contact details for your telecom and IT vendors.

Moving can be a stressful time for any company, but taking steps to ensure a smooth telecom transition will help keep things humming while you settle in to your new space.


The Next Big Thing

August 14th, 2014

 Although many people may still be talking about how social media will affect the future of the internet, the next big thing has already arrived: the internet of things. The internet of things is a network of interconnected devices that communicate with each other, according to Carlos Watson of Ozy.

Instead of only your personal, mobile devices connecting to the internet, it is bigger things like transportation vehicles, household appliances and even the buildings that they are housed in. While the internet of things may affect the individual consumer’s life, it has even broader implications in the world of industry and business. Instead of only utilizing smart phones, all devices (even the boring ones like buses and factory machines) will be made “smarter”. These smart devices and buildings have the capability to make companies and cities more efficient.
There is much potential to make everyone’s lives run smoother. Watson gives this example: “Smarter highways might mean lanes that could adapt to traffic flow or roads someday that could serve fleets of autonomous vehicles driving 100 mph, just inches apart.”

The reasons it will grow in the coming years?

The cost has decreased dramatically to connect a device to the internet. And this cost can easily be made up in money saved by knowing more information and using less energy.

Companies can use smart devices to gather data, a precious commodity in the business world.

Financially, one could know more about how much demand there is for a certain product and only produce it when it is necessary. The economic significance to these smart devices is huge.

However, the downside to this “next big thing” is the security concerns it brings up. Even hacking into many individual computers is a huge threat. Imagine how much damage could be done if all of the devices in a city were comprised.  As we advance technology and the world we live in, we must think one step ahead and prepare for the potential consequences of that technology.

The Internet is a weird and wonderful place

July 29th, 2014

The Internet is so mind-numbingly huge that it is almost impossible to measure the amount of information it contains. Web developer Nate Whitehill tries to do just that, however, in this infographic. He covers everything from data storage and blogs to social media and more. You already know how you use the Internet, but do you fit into the patterns that this infographic talks about?

We think it’s amazing how many social media posts are sent out (50 million tweets every day!). The Internet has become such an integral part of how we communicate, where we get our entertainment, and how we research new ideas that it’s hard to imagine how we got along without it. What do you think the most interesting or unexpected fact in the infographic is?

Click on the image below to link to a larger version of the infographic:



 Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 11.13.25 AM

Blue Roo’s adventure to Family Care Network and the MacSuperstore

July 16th, 2014

The Blue Rooster Telecom team recently participated in the Miracle Mile for Kids, one of The Family Care Network’s annual fundraisers. The event raises money for foster and high-needs children in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties. Chrissy Cooper, our very own Customer Service Representative, was lucky enough to win an iPad mini that the MacSuperstore donated to the fundraising effort.

Since Blue Roo wasn’t able to walk in the Miracle Mile (Blue’s more of a strutter than a walker!), Chrissy brought him along to pick up her new iPad. There’s nothing Blue Roo loves more than helping out a good cause, making new friends, and new technology.

Stephanie McDonnell (Resource Coordinator for Family Care Network), Blue Roo and Chrissy Cooper at the Family Care Network office with the coveted MacSuperstore gift card for the iPad Mini.

Chrissy, the whole crew at MacSuperstore, and Blue Roo with the new iPad Mini that was donated.

Simultaneous Ring makes your office mobile

July 10th, 2014

Hearing that office phone ring right when you’re stepping out for an important meeting can make your heart drop, and–more importantly–make you late. The solution is a great feature called “simultaneous ring,” which allows for your incoming phone calls to ring more than one phone at a time. So, instead of answering the call at your desk, you could answer it on your cell phone as you drive away for that meeting.

With simultaneous ring, customers won’t have to hunt you down one phone number at a time. You simply pick up their calls wherever you are; whether it’s with your cell phone, home phone or office phone. Any phone line can be connected. This easy-to-use solution is perfect for on-the-go professionals and multiple office situations. Contact us today to find out how to get this feature going at your business.


Blue Roo crows with the music to support Festival Mozaic

July 8th, 2014

While Bloo Roo enjoys a natural and unpolished crow in the morning, he also appreciates the more sophisticated melodies and harmonies that can be found at this summer’s Festival Mozaic.

Blue Roo swung by the Festival Mozaic headquarters to present a check to Executive Director Bettina Swinger as part of our Community Service Program. Festival Mozaic has been filling the Central Coast with classical music since 1971 (that’s over 380 Rooster years!) From July 17th to the 27th, world-class musicians will be playing at beautiful venues including Mission San Miguel, the Performing Arts Center, See Canyon Fruit Ranch, Mission Plaza and more! Tickets can be purchased here.

Donations help this non-profit organization showcase talented orchestral, choral, and studio musicians who participate in the summer festival’s celebration of five centuries of music. Blue was happy to add his voice to the many gifted artists who have performed in the festival.


Bill Schwoerer (Director of Sales), Jeff Buckingham (President), and Blue Roo have some fun while presenting the check to Festival Mozaic.

Blue Roo Makes Special Delivery to North County Christian School

June 25th, 2014

Blue Roo’s favorite subject in school has always been recess, so he could not wait to make a field trip to the North County Christian School (NCCS) in Atascadero.

As part of Blue Rooster Telecom’s Community Partner Program, Blue Roo recently presented a donation to NCCS. The funds will help the school continue its wide variety of excellent programs in academics, athletics, and the arts.

NCCS is the only private school in the North County that offers a preschool through 12th grade Christian education. The school is also unique in that it teaches a liberal arts style, great-books education, which strengthens students by introducing them to the thoughts, works, and history of Western civilization.

The folks at NCCS welcomed Blue Roo with many smiles, and he can’t wait to visit again in the future!

The Blue Rooster Telecom Community Partner Program was developed as a way for the company to give back to our community. Blue Rooster Telecom provides phone and Internet services to local nonprofit organizations at a discounted rate, and donates a percentage of the monthly bill back to the organization.


Jeff and Blue Roo present a check to North County Christian School












Communication is a critical component of the success of any business, and it is most certainly true with our 2300 member agricultural supply cooperative, that is why we chose Blue Rooster for our telecommunication needs. Their customer service is second to none and they are available to us 24 hours a day should we need them. In my position I worry about a great many things, but our phone service is not one of them due to the excellent service provided by Blue Rooster’s team of professionals.
Jim Brabeck
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