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EPISODE 42 – Blue Roo Visits ALL Three of the BlackHorse Locations

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012


Previous episodes have taught us that Blue Roo happens to be quite fond of ALL farm animals, including horses. So, what better way for Blue to spend his Tuesday than sipping coffee, snacking on pastries and visiting all three of the BlackHorse locations in San Luis Obispo? And what a day it was! Blue was treated like a king and got to enjoy the afternoon with his partners in crime, Jeff Buckingham and Jami Fawcett. The first trip was across town to the BlackHorse on Foothill Boulevard. Blue made sure to save some time by calling in his coffee order, allowing for an easy and convenient pick up at the coffee shop’s walk-up window! His royal treatment continued as he met with Rachel, the store manager, and enjoyed his favorite treat, the delicious carrot cupcake (he really can’t get enough of those carrots!). After saying his goodbyes, he made his way to the BlackHorse on Higuera. The shop downtown, known for its outstanding outdoor patio and friendly customer service, most intrigued Blue as he learned all of the baked goods are actually made at the local, off-site BlackHorse bakery! After discovering this, he made sure to try the vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cupcake, topping it off with a velvety foam latte, and his ultimate favorite refreshment: pomegranate green tea…boy can that rooster eat! All of the homemade Blackhorse bakery goods can be called in for pick up or arranged to be catered for your next business luncheon, soirée, or ho-down!

Blue, Jeff and BlackHorse on Foothill manager, Rachel.

Last, but not least, Blue made his entrance at the BlackHorse on Broad. After such a fun filled and snack-tastic day, Blue really needed to get some work done so he fired up his computer using the fastest Internet in town! Thanks to Digital West at BlackHorse on Broad, Blue was able to respond to numerous fan e-mails, update his Love On The Farm online dating profile, and download some Chicken Little movie clips in no time! While surfing the web, Blue enjoyed a spinach feta croissant and the lovely company of many BlackHorse patrons.

Jeff feeding Blue his favorite treats: the pomegranate green tea and the vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cupcake.

The day would not be complete without opinions from Blue: he was highly satisfied in his service, snacks, and celebrity treatment. However, he noticed that Blackhorse provides dog treats for purchase by the numerous SLO canine owners and lovers, and was a little perturbed that they did not carry any chicken feed! He has already sent in a suggestion to the owners, so do not worry his concern will be taken care of soon! Blue said his goodbyes to Jeff and Jami, and spent the night in his coop, slipping in and out of a food coma.


Blue enjoying the remainder of his day with some BlackHorse buddies.

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EPISODE 41 – Blue Roo Visits the YMCA Board Meeting

Thursday, June 28th, 2012


On Tuesday, Jeff and Blue Roo made a visit to San Luis Obispo’s YMCA board meeting. Before the meeting, Jeff and Blue made the rounds visiting and nibbling on some treats. Jeff provided some coffee and pastries from BlackHorse, as well as bringing some delicious quiche that his wife Joan made. Did we mention that the YMCA board meeting starts at 7:00am? Blue recognized Joan as an “early bird” for rising at 4:30am to prepare the quiche. At the meeting, Jeff presented a check to the YMCA on behalf of Blue Rooster Telecom. The YMCA is a member of Blue Rooster Telecom’s Community Service Program, a partnership between the company and non-profit groups. The YMCA board members were very grateful and thrilled about the support and visit! Blue Roo is always popular on his visits so it was no surprise when Board of Chairman, Keith Godfrey, told Jeff he wanted to keep Blue Roo as well! Blue was happy to share his time with the board members and cannot wait to lift some weights at the YMCA!


Jeff, Blue Roo and YMCA Board of Chairman, Keith Godfrey.

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EPISODE 34- Blue Roo Preps for Valentine’s Day

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

As we all know, Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and Blue Roo has already started to prepare for the big day. The question on everyone’s mind is: Does Blue Roo have a sweatheart?! If he does, he’s keeping it a secret. Maybe he’ll let us know after February 14th.

This morning, Roo visited his good friend Nikki Caldwell at FluidBloom Designs in the Laguna Shopping Center. The flower shop has been at that location for 25 years, and Nikki came into ownership several months ago. FluidBloom is also located downtown, on the corner of Pismo & Chorro. Blue Roo was on a mission to order a romantic bouquet for Valentine’s Day, and Nikki was there to help him pick out the perfect flowers.

What a romantic rooster!

Nikki is a customer of Blue Rooster Telecom, and  while they were hunting for flowers, she thanked Blue Roo for the friendly and personal customer service she receives every time she calls with a question or needs help with her phones. Blue Roo was so flattered, he dove , beak first, into a huge arrangement of flowers to hide his blushing blue cheeks.

  Roo in a sea of flowers.

After a short search, Blue Roo decided on a bouquet of vibrant red roses- one of Nikki’s most popular requests. Roo pre-ordered his flowers, which made Nikki very happy. Pre-ordering flowers ensures that the shop will have the roses fresh and ready for him on the 14th. Blue Roo’s going to tell ALL his friends to pre-order their Valentine’s Day flowers from FluidBloom online or by phone (805-784-0415).

Now we just have to wait and see what lucky chick is going to receive those flowers!

EPISODE 33- What’s “Likes” Got To Do With It?

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Today is an exciting day; a milestone for Blue Roo. As of now, Blue Rooster’s Facebook page has 199 “Likes”. He has been waiting by his laptop for hours, waiting for that last “Like” to push his page up to……

Roo is excited that his company, Blue Rooster Telecom is getting great exposure and recognition as one of the most fun and customer friendly telecom companies in SLO.  Blue Roo, however, is more excited for the attention he’s getting on his Facebook page. He’s so happy that more people are looking at his pictures, his statuses, and his funny posts. Now, people are getting to see who the real Ruler of the Roost is: Blue Roo.



Once he gets to taste the power of 200 “Likes”, he’ll want to keep on going. Maybe 300 “Likes” by June? Perhaps 100 followers on Twitter? (Yes, Blue Roo does have a Twitter.) The possibilities are endless.

Whatever the case may be, Blue Roo is working towards being the most popular rooster of 2012…. and beyond! Blue Roo would love for you, his friends, to cheer for him as pass the 200 “Likes” mark on Facebook! Go Blue Roo!!

EPISODE 31- SLO Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner

Monday, January 16th, 2012

It’s that time of year again! The San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce will host its 107th annual dinner this Saturday, and Blue Roo couldn’t be more excited. The Chamber’s annual dinner is the longest running annual event in SLO; it might also be the most glamorous! This year, it’s a red bow-tie affair, and Roo cannot wait to get dressed to the nines. He’s excited to see the glitzy side of SLO, because he spends most of his time looking at the side of his chicken coop.

He’s what we like to call a chick magnet.

There are sooo many things about this event Blue Roo is looking forward to, including the roasted corn risotto, which is offered as part of the entree. (He’s also very happy that chicken is not on the menu this year!) But above all, Roo is looking forward to the  giving out of  the Citizen of the Year Award. Maybe, just maybe, he will hear his name called this year. Roo was an upright citizen last year: he’s helping to build a local business (he’s the poster-chick), most of his pranks have  been tasteful and harmless, AND he was kidnapped for goodness sake! Doesn’t he deserve to be citizen of the year? Roo certainly thinks so! He’s so humble too.

But, if the award must go to another, Roo hopes it will be his new friend Sparky the Squirrel, who works at Verdin. Sparky is a breakout businessquirrel , has an incredible work ethic, and is a great friend to everyone on the Blue Rooster Team, especially Blue Roo. If he or Sparky wins the award, Roo will be happy.

EPISODE 28- Blue Roo Returns!!

Friday, November 11th, 2011

At last, our beloved Blue Roo is back!! The Blue Rooster Team celebrated greatly as our favorite rooster returned on Friday.

The Blue Rooster Team celebrates Roo's return.

Over a month ago, Blue Roo was mysteriously kidnapped, and we were SO concerned for his safety. His kidnappers never revealed themselves, but they took good care of him. They left him blindfolded and sitting comfortably by the fireplace at Madonna Inn, and sent us a message to pick him up.  He returned to the office clucking happily, with feathers more lustrous than usual.

Blue Roo waiting to be rescued at Madonna Inn.

Blue Roo is so happy to be back with his favorite people in the world (us, of course!), and is very grateful for everyone who searched for him during the time of his disappearance. In fact, Blue Roo insists on being the one to give the iPod Nano to the winner of our contest (Who we will be announcing shortly).

Needless to say, the office will be loud with rooster crows once again!

EPISODE 28- Roo’s Still Missing- Keep Your Eyes Open!

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Needless to say, we still miss Blue Roo. But our friends and colleagues are helping us get the word out about our missing rooster by sharing Blue Roo’s missing poster on Facebook. If you want to help us look for him, share the poster on our Facebook page and be entered to win a FREE iPod Nano!

We want to expand the search, by showing our friends places around town where Roo loves to hang out.  Maybe next time you’re in the area, you can check one of them out!


View Blue Roo’s Favorite Hangouts in a larger map

EPISODE 26- Worried Sick About Our Roo

Friday, October 14th, 2011

It’s been two weeks since we’ve seen Blue Roo. The Blue Rooster Telecom Team is worried sick. We miss his loud crow, his happy-go-lucky presence in the office, and even his mischievous practical jokes we’ve become so accustomed to.  According to the Facebook log he’s been allowed to keep, Roo’s kidnappers locked him up on Wednesday, and we haven’t heard anything from him since.

Friends and colleagues are showing their concern as well by organizing search parties around the Central Coast. (Check out Mary Verdin’s video on Blue Roo’s Facebook.)


We are hopeful that Blue Roo will be returned to us soon, but any and all information on his whereabouts or his kidnappers is greatly appreciated. Please contact us via Facebook.

EPISODE 25- Blue Roo Is Still Missing

Friday, October 7th, 2011

It’s been over a week since Blue Roo’s kidnapping, and all that we’ve seen of him are the pictures posted on Facebook by his kidnappers.  Here is a snapshot of what things look like in the Blue Rooster Telecom office today:


If you know anything concerning his whereabouts, please let us know through our Facebook page.

We utilize Blue Rooster services for RRM Design Group because they offer big-city services with small town support and are willing to go the extra mile to provide assistance.
Erik Justesen
RRM Design Group