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EPISODE 44 – Blue Roo Visits GH Sports

Thursday, July 12th, 2012


After dodging tractors, chasing devious hens and diving through woodsheds, Blue was in quite the athletic mood. The Summer Olympics are quickly approaching, and Blue is in full swing to get his workout on. He plans on proving to the other roosters he can be faster than the Olympic record setting sprinter Usain Bolt by August. Any athlete knows that great attire can really excel ones performance, and what better place to pick up some workout gear than GH Sports! Luckily for Blue, GH Sports was just a few tractor rides to town on Hind Lane, behind Kennedy Club Fitness.

Blue Roo at the GH Sports factory

Blue got a behind the scenes look at GH Sports and was fascinated to learn that all GH Sports’ attire and gear is actually made onsite at their San Luis Obispo store! With all the fluff on the farm about Blue being the fastest rooster to live, he needed to find the perfect shoe for his “unique” feet. At GH Sports, Blue was able to participate in a free 30-second gait analysis test that measured and analyzed his strides to determine the perfect shoe for his running ability. Blue can be quite picky when it comes to his shoes, and thankfully GH Sports has the ability to order any shoe in or out of the store for their customers. Next Blue had to check out some of GH Sports’ swimming attire. Blue likes to think he is not only speedy, but also fast in the water, the next Michael Phelps perhaps? GH Sports’ swimming suits are top-notch, and they carry non-lycra suits that prevent the material from deteriorating from chlorine after swimming. With Blue Roo’s extreme athletic lifestyle, the swimming suits at GH Sports were a perfect fit and even include a 6-month guarantee! Next time you see a rooster racing by or swimming abnormally fast laps in your backyard pool, you can bet on some chicken feed that he got his workout clothes at GH Sports! Check out all the durable fitness gear at the GH Sports store in SLO or on their website at!

Blue Roo receiving the FREE gait analysis test at GH Sports

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Silly Blue, you can’t pay in chicken feed!

EPISODE 43 – Blue Roo Visits Hind Properties Conference Facility

Thursday, July 5th, 2012


Last Thursday, Blue Roo decided it was time for him to exert his authority and hold a conference. So what better place to do that than at Hind Properties Conference Facility!? Hind Properties Conference Facility is considered a newbie, only about a year old, with the ability to excel any conference with all state of the art technology, just waiting to be used! Blue was beyond impressed as he waddled into the industrial looking building to find a beautiful, high-end conference room that could house over a 1000 of his favorite chicken friends! The technology inside included an 80’’ drop-down projector screen, 55’’ TV with BlueRay DVD, dry erase board, wireless lapel microphones, high-speed internet, a conference phone system, and an all-in-one printer, scanner and fax machine. What more could any rooster want? Of course Blue suggested some more of his favorite BlackHorse carrot cupcakes… So with Blue’s everlasting need to fill his stomach, he had to ask if any food was available for purchase. He was delighted to hear that the lovely people at BlackHorse can cater and deliver any of their delicious food choices to the facility, with complimentary tea and coffee. Now that’s much better than just eating some plain old chicken feed for lunch!

Blue leading his conference at HPCF.

Besides the building’s knock out technology, the facility also has its own kitchen, storage and bathrooms. The Hind Properties Conference Facility seats up to 20 people and can be rented hourly or for multiple days at very reasonable rates. Blue enjoyed his visit sipping on some BlackHorse coffee and relaxing on a leather chair in the comfort of the air-conditioned atmosphere. We almost had to drag Blue into his coop to leave! In Blue’s never-ending opinion, Hind Properties Conference Facility is the Four Seasons of conference coops in the San Luis Obispo area. Blue gives it four out of four crows! For more information about the first-class amenities of Hind Properties Conference Facility, visit or call 805.544.0914!

Blue at HPCF

Blue checking out some of the amenities at HPCF.

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EPISODE 42 – Blue Roo Visits ALL Three of the BlackHorse Locations

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012


Previous episodes have taught us that Blue Roo happens to be quite fond of ALL farm animals, including horses. So, what better way for Blue to spend his Tuesday than sipping coffee, snacking on pastries and visiting all three of the BlackHorse locations in San Luis Obispo? And what a day it was! Blue was treated like a king and got to enjoy the afternoon with his partners in crime, Jeff Buckingham and Jami Fawcett. The first trip was across town to the BlackHorse on Foothill Boulevard. Blue made sure to save some time by calling in his coffee order, allowing for an easy and convenient pick up at the coffee shop’s walk-up window! His royal treatment continued as he met with Rachel, the store manager, and enjoyed his favorite treat, the delicious carrot cupcake (he really can’t get enough of those carrots!). After saying his goodbyes, he made his way to the BlackHorse on Higuera. The shop downtown, known for its outstanding outdoor patio and friendly customer service, most intrigued Blue as he learned all of the baked goods are actually made at the local, off-site BlackHorse bakery! After discovering this, he made sure to try the vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cupcake, topping it off with a velvety foam latte, and his ultimate favorite refreshment: pomegranate green tea…boy can that rooster eat! All of the homemade Blackhorse bakery goods can be called in for pick up or arranged to be catered for your next business luncheon, soirée, or ho-down!

Blue, Jeff and BlackHorse on Foothill manager, Rachel.

Last, but not least, Blue made his entrance at the BlackHorse on Broad. After such a fun filled and snack-tastic day, Blue really needed to get some work done so he fired up his computer using the fastest Internet in town! Thanks to Digital West at BlackHorse on Broad, Blue was able to respond to numerous fan e-mails, update his Love On The Farm online dating profile, and download some Chicken Little movie clips in no time! While surfing the web, Blue enjoyed a spinach feta croissant and the lovely company of many BlackHorse patrons.

Jeff feeding Blue his favorite treats: the pomegranate green tea and the vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cupcake.

The day would not be complete without opinions from Blue: he was highly satisfied in his service, snacks, and celebrity treatment. However, he noticed that Blackhorse provides dog treats for purchase by the numerous SLO canine owners and lovers, and was a little perturbed that they did not carry any chicken feed! He has already sent in a suggestion to the owners, so do not worry his concern will be taken care of soon! Blue said his goodbyes to Jeff and Jami, and spent the night in his coop, slipping in and out of a food coma.


Blue enjoying the remainder of his day with some BlackHorse buddies.

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EPISODE 40 – Blue Visits Avila Valley Barn

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012


Last Thursday Blue Roo made his way down to beautiful Avila Beach. After waddling around the sandy beach and working up an appetite, Blue decided to head over to the Avila Valley Barn and say hello to his furry companions. Although Blue is fond of the roosters and hens, he finds some of the roosters to be a bit bigheaded. Instead he joined his old friend Rupert, the goat, for a little chick-chat. Blue’s visit with Rupert at the barn proved to be a real hit! They shared old stories, ate some roasted corn on the cob and had a few good chuckles.

Blue Roo with Rupert at Avila Valley Barn

With all this summer free time, who knows what fun adventures Blue will do next!

Blue Roo at Avila Beach, California

EPISODE 39- Blue Roo Visits Clever Ducks

Friday, June 8th, 2012

They say birds of a feather flock together, but Blue Roo likes to bridge gaps and that is why he visited his friends at Clever Ducks. His good friends, Peter and Amy Kardel, of Clever Ducks, have just moved coops. You can now find them building their nest on Broad Street right next to Downtown San Luis Obispo. Blue was so excited to check out their new coop, especially because they have designed the office to be a green facility, which is part of their corporate mission statement. Blue Roo was very impressed to hear that their carpet and furniture are all made of recycled content, the paint is low volatile organic compounds (VOC), and the building is energy efficient with insulation and natural lighting. Peter and Amy are firm believers that it is possible to be a great business and a green business.


Blue Roo with Peter and Amy.

Besides their beautiful new coop Blue Roo was so impressed by how passionate Peter and Amy are about their company and their services. Clever Ducks is an IT consulting, service, and sales organization. They work and listen to their customers to plan, manage, and maintain a three year IT plan. Clever Ducks wants to see their customers succeed and that is why they offer their specific IT skills, so the customer can focus on their specialty.


Clever Ducks likes to put people together; when everyone can combine their specialties it makes for a beautiful team, or flock! And Blue Roo loves being apart of the Clever Ducks flock; many of their customers use our internet and voice services. Clever Ducks and Blue Roosters might have different feathers but we are all birds in the end.

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Blue Roo’s Vacation to Coast 101.3 FM

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Last week Blue Roo went to personally award the winner of the 2012 SLO Chamber Mixer Showcase Crowing Contest, Kahuna from coast 101.3 FM, and ended up staying for a week long vacation! Blue Roo had a great time at the station he even got to sit and listen to Kahuna and Becky do the morning show live. He likes to consider himself a real celebrity now.

Blue Roo giving Kahuna some pointers.

This morning was the last day of Blue Roo’s vacation so Jeff went to the station to pick him up and to award Kahuna with his own certificate and of course the $100. Kahuna had such a great time hanging out with Blue Roo he almost kidnapped him and held him for ransom! We told him two kidnappings in one year might be a little too exhausting for Blue (if you don’t remember Blue was kidnapped in October of 2011, click here to check out the blog post). Since he couldn’t keep Blue Roo he was happy to have a certificate to show off to everyone in the office. Now he really has something to crow about every morning!

Kahuna receiving his award from Jeff and Blue Roo.

If you missed Kahuna’s winning crow here it is again!

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Dis-Crow for Dough 2012 WINNER: Kahuna!

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Congratulations to Kahuna of Coast FM for winning the Dis-crow for Dough Contest at the 2012 SLO Chamber Mixer Showcase. Kahuna is no new comer to crowing or the crow for dough contest; you might remember his qualifying crow at the 2012 Paso Robles Business Expo earlier this year. After just barely missing the cut in Paso Robles Kahuna practiced feverously and came to San Luis ready with his best crow, and that practice paid off, literally. He is now the lucky winner of $100 and bragging rights!


Check out his winning crow below!


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2012 SLO Chamber Mixer Show Case Dis-Crow Contest Results

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Here are the runner-up dis-crowers from the 2012 SLO Chamber Mixer Show Case. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see who the Big Winner is!

Runner-up: Eric Pocock of the Mustang Daily

Runner-up: Julian Verella of Equlibrium Fitness

Best Dis-crow Moves: AJ Jasper of State Farm

Best “Hot Girl” Crow: Lauren and Drew, Double Take Girls

Best Company Crow: Kathy and Lisa of San Luis Obispo Eye Associates

Best Whistle Crow: Pico of San Luis Bay Inn Avila Beach

Cutest Crow: Rocco

Best Jeff Buckingham Look-a-Like: Lochlan Buckingham














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SLO Chamber Mixer Show Case 2012

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

We would like to thank all of our supporters, clients, and especially dis-crowers for coming out to our booth on Wednesday at the SLO Chamber Mixer Showcase. Blue Roo and the team are still deciding who the winner of the crowing contest will be. Blue Roo is a tough judge considering his natural talent in crowing and we have over 70 participants to review! We had so much fun at the showcase and can’t wait for next year!


Here are the Dis-crow Babies leaving you with one last crow before the weekend.


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Wednesday Night Fever!

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Here at Blue Rooster Telecom we can’t wait to bust out our dis-crow moves on Wednesday at the SLO Chamber Mixer Showcase from 5pm-8pm. Come check out our booth we will be #46.

Watch the video to watch Jeff and Blue Roo boogie!



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