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Wednesday Night Fever!

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Here at Blue Rooster Telecom we can’t wait to bust out our dis-crow moves on Wednesday at the SLO Chamber Mixer Showcase from 5pm-8pm. Come check out our booth we will be #46.

Watch the video to watch Jeff and Blue Roo boogie!



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EPISODE 38—Blue Roo gets a Refi

Friday, May 4th, 2012

Since Blue Roo is the proud owner of a new coop he thought he should pay his friend Tyson Hayward, President of Spinnaker Financial, a visit. The housing market is experiencing historically low rates and Blue Roo needed to get his foot, or talon, into the game. Tyson helped him to refinance his new coop and now Blue Roo will be saving money every month! Blue Roo loves saving money because now he can buy a new alarm clock to wake himself and everyone else up earlier.

Tyson and Spinnaker Financial help with refinancing and first time home owning, and specialize in FHA, USDA, and VA loans. It is a buyers market and at Spinnaker Financial they can “help you sail through your loan.”

Tyson helps Blue Roo get his Refi.

Tyson and Blue Roo hanging out at Spinnaker Financial.


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Blue Rooster Telecom Celebrates it’s Second Anniversary!

Friday, May 4th, 2012

On Monday Blue Rooster Telecom put a new spin to the “Monday Blues,” here in the office we celebrated the second anniversary of Blue Rooster Telecom! The Blue Rooster Team surprised founders Jeff Buckingham, Cheryl Lovell, and Blue Roo with cake.  Blue Roo loved having cake considering it was also his second birthday, if you would like to get him presents his wish list consists of a lifetime supply of corn, new hay for his coop, and a flat screen TV so he can watch The Voice on Monday and Tuesday.

Blue Roo loves carrot cake!

Jeff and Cheryl find it very rewarding to work with local businesses and Blue Roo would like to thank all his loyal customers and fans with out them he would not have the opportunity to go on so many adventures! Here at Blue Rooster Telecom we are so thrilled to have served our customers for two years and look forward to the many years to come.

The Blue Rooster Team

Jeff and Cheryl celebrating.

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EPISODE 37- Blue Roo Gets a New Coop from Framberger Employee Benefits

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Last week Blue Roo and President of Blue Rooster Telecom Jeff Buckingham paid their old friend Connie Framberger of Framberger Employee Benefits a visit. Blue Roo was so excited to be greeted by all his old peeps. Connie had even made him his own sign and Blue Roo loves to feel special!

Blue Roo, Jeff and Connie

Blue Roo was greeted by all his "peeps" at Framberger Employee Benefits.

The best part of the visit was the new house (or the new coop as Blue likes to call it) that was waiting for him when he got there. Blue has always wanted a second home; now on long hot summer days he can watch the San Francisco Giants play baseball with Connie and all his peeps at Framberger Employee Benefits.

Blue Roo hanging out in his new coop.

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Crowing Contest Winner’s Visit

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

Today Blue Roo put on his best feathers and crowed on down to Heritage Oaks Bank Paso Robles to award Helena Berardi $100 for winning the 2012 Paso Robles Business Expo Crowing Contest. Blue couldn’t wait to size-up his crowing competition, but Blue and Helena got along instantly. Helena feels strongly about nurturing client relationships, “my job is to build relationships with the local businesses and the community,” and that’s just what Blue Roo likes to do too! With her wonderful personality Helena has no problem making her clients, or anyone, feel welcome and at ease. At Heritage Oaks Bank their customers’ can “Expect More” but who knew more would be a killer cock-a-doodle-do from their local Client Relationship Manager.

Blue Roo presenting Helena with her $100 and certificate.

Helena is proud to display her certificate.

If you missed Helena’s winning crow take a look here!

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2012 Crowing Contest- Paso Robles Business Expo

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

On Wednesday Paso Robles Business Expo 2012 learned how to crow! Blue Roo and the Blue Rooster Telecom Team had so much fun reuniting with old friends and making new ones at the Paso Robles Business Expo 2012 “Grow your Business.” We heard lots of rooster crows and even some hen cackles but there could only be one winner.

And the Winner is a tag team crow of…Helena Berardi of Heritage Oak Bank and Bill Schwoerer of Blue Rooster Telecom 

**Of course Bill will not be receiving any money for his crow just a high three from Blue Roo.

Runner up is… Fred Dyste of Digital West Networks

**Let’s see if Fred can take the winner’s spot at the SLO Mixer in May.

Although there could only be one winner Blue Roo has awarded the other contestants for their effort.

Honarable mention goes to… Tyson Hayward of Spinnaker Financial, Roger Jump of Judson Terrace, and Milan

Award for oldest contestant…Dale Zeulner

Cutest crow…Milea

Best celebrity crow…Kahuna of KSST Coast FM

Best hen cackle…Miko Marley of Hines Financial group

Click below to see Helena and Bill’s winning performance and all the other contestants.

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Want Your Business to Grow?

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

The office is buzzing today or more like crowing. Blue Roo and the Blue Rooster Telecom team are practicing their crows for the up-coming 2012 Business Expo “Grow Your Business” at the Paso Robles Event Center on Wednesday April 11. Blue Roo can’t wait to hear everyone’s crow at the annual Blue Rooster Telecom Crowing Contest, where the best crower wins $100! Blue Roo and the team are even more excited to share their business with members of the Paso Robles community and help them to grow their business. So if you want your business to grow, you need to learn how to crow.


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Blue Rooster Telecom Welcomes a New Employee: Chrissy Cooper

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Everyone on the Blue Rooster Telecom Team, especially Blue Roo, is excited to welcome Chrissy Cooper, our new Customer Service Representative. Blue Roo is so thrilled to have his long time friend in the office because now there is one more person to compliment him on his feathers and feed him corn when ever he asks.

Blue Roo loving all the attention from Chrissy.

Chrissy has worked locally in the Telecom industry since 2007 and is “well known in San Luis Obispo for her skills and personality,” according to Jeff Buckingham, Blue Rooster Telecom’s President. Chrissy has settled into her nest here at the Blue Rooster farm, and Jeff, Blue Roo, and Chrissy cant wait to “cock-a-doodle-do” in the office, a long time hobby of theirs.

Jeff and Chrissy crowing at a holiday party.

Chrissy is happy to be the newest member of the team and said, “it’s nice to be home.” So don’t be surprised if you call into the office and Chrissy greets you with a hearty “crow-lo.”

Celebrating Chrissy's first day.

EPISODE 36-Blue Roo Goes to Pismo Beach Bowling for a Cause

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Last Friday Blue Roo and the Blue Rooster Telecom Team put on their bowling shoes and helped to strike out stigma, well maybe it was more of a spare. Blue Rooster Telecom along with Clever Ducks, Phone and Wireless, Digital West and ITECH Solutions all participated in the 31st annual Strike out Stigma Bowl-a-Thon to support the SLO Hot Line and other Transitions Mental Health Association (TMHA)  programs in San Luis Obispo and Northern Santa Barbara Counties.  Blue Roo was happy to help support his customer TMHA especially if it meant showing off his bowling skills. With so many tech and telecom companies participating the night was filled with fun and friendly competition.


The Blue Rooster Telecom Team ready to bowl.

Blue Roo setting up for a strike.

Blue Roo had some issues finding a ball to fit his beautiful talons to help him bowl a turkey (three strikes in a row) and of course the rental shoes didn’t fit just right but he was happy to be out there with his friends in the tech community. By the end of the night, Blue didn’t have the turkey he wanted but Jeff, President of Blue Rooster Telecom, and he did bowl what we call a rooster: three gutter balls in a row. Jeff’s roosters helped him to win the lowest score of the night award. Thankfully, the prize was a personal bowling set; now Jeff, Blue, and everyone at Blue Rooster will get to practice in the office and help to strike out stigma next year!

Jeff and his award for lowest score.

EPISODE 35- Blue Roo Visits the Neal-Truesdale Team

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Blue Roo decided to stop by  and cluck a quick “Cocka-doodle-how-do-you-do?”, to his friends at Neal-Truesdale Insurance . Of course, fun was in no short supply. Jack Neal, the company’s president, is old friends with Jeff Buckingham, Blue Rooster Telecom’s president. When you get two fun guys and a crazy rooster together, you know something goofy is bound to happen. Sure enough, the two men proudly donned chicken hats and did the chicken dance with Roo. They danced like no one was watching, while, actually, a nearby construction team got a good laugh out of the fellows’ antics.

Jack, Blue Roo and Jeff dancin’ it up.

Neal-Truesdale Insurance has been a prominent business in San Luis Obispo for over fifty years. The company was created by two Cal Poly graduates, Robert Neal and Calvin Truesdale, in 1960, and has provided quality personal and commercial insurance in San Luis Obispo ever since.

This May, Neal-Truesdale will partner with NIAC (Nonprofits’ Insurance Alliance of California) in hosting an educational presentation for local non-profits. The presentation will help non-profits better understand how insurance companies can meet their unique needs.  What a great way to serve the community and our local non-profits!

Two women on the  Neal-Truesdale team, Alise and Mary, gave Roo a tour of the office.  The three chatted in the newly-renovated lounge (Roo likes to call it their ‘Zen Den’). Blue Roo was three feet off the ground, as he was the center of attention. He always is!

Alise and Mary conversing with an overjoyed Roo.

At AP Logic, when our internet is down, our business is down. Blue Rooster understands the nature of our business and was able to create a customized service at a very affordable price. They did this on short notice and coordinated with our other technical providers. Then they followed up with exceptional, personal service! We trust them and refer them frequently to friends and business associates.
Jim Ratichek
AP Logic