There are some things in life you shouldn’t take for granted. Your business’ Internet service is one of them. Some business owners make the assumption that all Internet service is alike, so they shop for the least expensive option. Then they learn their lesson and order reliable, business-grade Internet service from Blue Rooster Telecom.

Options. Blue Rooster has a robust network that allows us to offer our customers options for their Internet service. We have the ability to offer connections from 1.5 Mbps up to 10 Gbps based on your business’s location using:

  • ADSL and bonded ADSL loops– our only service offering which has asynchronous speeds where the download speeds are faster than the uploads.
  • SHDSL and bonded SHDSL loops allowing us to offer service from 2.3 Mbps to 45 Mbps
  • T-1s and bonded T-1s – allowing us to offer speeds from 1.3 to 9 Mbps
  • DS-3 – up to 45 Mbps
  • Metro Fiber – from 5 Mbps to 10 Gbps
  • Static IP addresses as needed

Reliability. At Blue Rooster Telecom, we understand that customers will not tolerate downtime on their Internet service, so we built the network with the goal of 99.999% uptime using bandwidth from multiple providers that have excellent networks.

Many of our competitors have only one upstream Internet provider. If that company has issues with their network, there is no way to route around the problem: Their customers will be down. At Blue Rooster, we value our customers too much to let that happen.

Responsiveness. When your business has a problem with its Internet service, you’ll realize how critical a provider’s responsiveness is. Some Internet providers have outsourced their customer service and tech support. When customers or data vendors call for assistance, there can be long delays in getting a live person on the line; further complicated by language barriers.

With Blue Rooster, all of our customer service is handled in San Luis Obispo by helpful, friendly, knowledgeable employees who truly care about our customers. We monitor all of our customers’ connections 24/7, and in many instances we have problems resolved before our customers even see a degradation in service. However, if a circuit is down, we work to get the problem resolved ASAP. We have a sense of urgency, we get things done, and we communicate with our customers.

Our responsiveness is why many of the data vendors on the Central Coast prefer their customers to purchase Internet from us, and it’s also why they use Blue Rooster Telecom for their own business’ Internet connections.

Speed. Some providers market just the speed of their service and skip the other critical factors. When looking for a new Internet provider, many customers only hear the download speed; they fail to notice the slower upload speeds which can be ½ to ¼ the download speed. If the upload speed weren’t critical for sending emails with large attachments or for uploading data to an off-site server, that might not be such a big problem. But it is.

Speed is also related to how much a provider oversubscribes their network. Cable companies are notorious for touting really fast speeds, but in reality, getting these speeds may not be realistic 24/7 as their network is really oversubscribed.

In comparison, at Blue Rooster Telecom, most of our services have the same download and upload speeds and our sales people will let you know what speed to truly expect on your connection – not just what the marketing people want you to hear. We also monitor our available upstream bandwidth and order additional capacity to ensure our customers are getting what they are paying for.

Knowledgeable Sales People. Our sales people have great relationships with the area’s data vendors because they know we know our stuff. We make things easy for our customers by not overcomplicating the services we provide.

Easy Installation. We go out of our way to make the installation easy for our customers. We coordinate the techy details with your techy people – so you don’t have to. Then our provisioners send your IT staff or data vendor all of the Internet details and let them know when we’ll be doing our work so they can do theirs.

Give us a call at (805) 543-8700, or click here to schedule a free in-depth analysis of your voice or data needs. There’s no obligation, and your business will benefit from our meeting.

We chose Blue Rooster Telecom when looking for a higher bandwidth provider because they have the best value package and the highest level of customer service.
Rodney Babcock
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