Voice Products - Detail

At Blue Rooster, we use the term Voice Products to include traditional analog and digital, local and long distance telephone services, and the many features that are optional with them. We also have newer offerings such as 1 Number and 1 Fax.

Our Voice Products include:

1 Number is Blue Rooster’s solution to anyone with too many phone numbers to remember. No more worries about which number to give your business contacts – just use your Blue Rooster 1 Number. This number will ring your office phone, your cell phone, and your home office at the same time - or we can set it up to ring first to your office phone, then to your cell phone, then to your home office, then to voicemail. You’ll love the simplicity of 1 Number. 

1 Fax. Receive faxes directly into your email box for review and storage. Print out only the faxes you need, saving paper and toner. You can also retrieve faxes by logging into the web portal from any computer connected to the Internet.

POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) Lines. This is the service used by most small and medium business customers. It’s similar to the service you have (or had) at home and tends to be the most economical business offering. POTS lines are analog lines used with most business phone systems as well as for fax, modem, and alarm lines. You can order them with or without added features. To see a complete list of features available with this voice service, click here.

Centrex Lines. Similar to POTS lines, Centrex lines are very common for business customers. They are particularly economical for businesses that need many features on each line. These analog lines can also be ordered with or without added features. To see a complete list of features available with this voice service, click here.

Digital Trunk T-1. Interested in having phone numbers that customers and vendors can use to call or fax your employees directly but not interested in getting a new phone system? You may be able to upgrade your phone system to include a T-1 card for a Digital Trunk T-1. This service can provide DIDs (Direct Inward Dial Numbers) which will give your company greater, time-saving efficiency.

PRI. Our most advanced T-1 solution which supports DIDs, allows you to receive Caller ID on all inbound calls, and can be customized to send unique phone numbers from each phone station when outbound calls are made. PRIs are extremely reliable circuits with the utmost flexibility for medium and larger businesses. 

Voicemail. Voicemail from Blue Rooster has many more options than you might imagine:

  • When all of your lines are in use, your callers can leave you a voicemail instead of getting a busy signal.
  • Call Controller/Automated Attendant options are available to screen or route calls to suit your business needs.
  • With the many different handheld devices in use these days, Blue Rooster’s voicemail offers you the flexibility to use what you have available to access your voicemail. You have the option to:
    • Automatically receive your voicemail as an attachment sent to your email address
    • Call in and retrieve your voicemails
    • Access your voice mail box via a web interface
  • Our voicemail couldn’t be easier to use

Long Distance.  Blue Rooster offers economical long distance plans to suit your business' calling patterns.  Whether you prefer per-minte charges, tiered minutes, or flat rate calling, we have the right solution.

Toll-Free Service (i.e. 800/888/877 numbers). Looking for a special 800 number for a new ad campaign? Blue Rooster will work with you to find a “good” number. You can also move existing toll-free numbers to our service. Per-minute and tiered minute options are available for the usage on your toll-free number(s).

Give us a call at (805) 543-8700, or click here to schedule a free in-depth analysis of your voice or data needs. There’s no obligation, and your business will benefit from our meeting.

Our winery is in a rural location, which is beautiful, but challenging when it came to our phone service. Blue Rooster was able to get a T1 line to us, so we can get back to the business of producing great wine. They have also consolidated all of my telecommunications services into one convenient bill. They are saving us time, and money.
Michael Barreto
La Vigne Winery