Voice Products - Overview

The rooster has no problem making himself clear, and neither should you. Crisp, clear, and consistent voice communication is vital to any business. Unfortunately it’s not what many phone companies deliver. At Blue Rooster, we make crystal clear voice communication a top priority, and it comes through in vibrant color on our state-of-the-art network:

Excellent call quality – All of our services are delivered via digital circuits, so the call quality is far superior to the analog lines provided by some of our competitors.

Redundancy – Staying in touch with a reliable network is critical to any business and with our redundant network, you can be confident that your business is in good hands.

Rates – Blue Rooster offers low rates and high value, always keeping it local.

Customer Service - Outstanding service is guaranteed from a company locally owned and operated in your community. When you call, we answer. No calling trees, no auto- attendants, no frustrating “interactive voice response” to navigate. Call us and a live customer service representative will answer.

Simplicity – Transitioning to our service is made with attention and care. Our provisioning professionals will work with your phone vendors to ensure a smooth turn-up.

Billing – Our customers receive their monthly invoices electronically, making it easier to access and control vital information. Save time and save paper, too;  paper billing available upon request.

Choice – Simple solutions with ordering options that you select:

  • A la carte – where you choose the number of lines and features and pay per- minute fees for local and long distance usage
  • Tiered minutes
  • Flat rate calling

Voice Product Offerings

Voice Features – Descriptions and Instructions

Give us a call at (805) 543-8700, or click here to schedule a free in-depth analysis of your voice or data needs. There’s no obligation, and your business will benefit from our meeting.

After working with a large, out of area phone company and experiencing their nonexistent customer service, we switched to Blue Rooster. Wow! They got us set up and made it easy – we never have any problems and I know that, if we do, they are just a phone call away. Now I can focus on our patients and not our technology!
Anna Boe
Dr. Pamela Dassenko