VoIP means different things to different people, so at Blue Rooster we have the expertise to help you sort through the confusion and find the right solution for your business. Not sure if VoIP is right for your business? Want to learn more about the pros and cons of VoIP? Click here to learn more.

Blue Rooster offers 1 version of VoIP service:

SIP Trunks. VoIP PBXes typically have the option of using PRI(s), analog phone service (such as POTS or Centrex), or SIP Trunks. SIP Trunks:

  • Are extremely reliable when provided by Blue Rooster and delivered over our redundant, robust Internet service.
  • Have many of the features of PRIs (inbound Caller ID, manipulation of the outbound caller ID on each station, DIDs) but you don’t have to purchase expensive PRI or T-1 card(s) for your PBX. SIP trunks are delivered via an Ethernet handoff.
  • Come in more economical increments/minimums than PRIs (which are often only available in 23B+D options).
  • Allow you to continue working with the phone vendor you’ve used for years – as long as the existing (or new) phone system will support SIP Trunks.

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Communication is a critical component of the success of any business, and it is most certainly true with our 2300 member agricultural supply cooperative, that is why we chose Blue Rooster for our telecommunication needs. Their customer service is second to none and they are available to us 24 hours a day should we need them. In my position I worry about a great many things, but our phone service is not one of them due to the excellent service provided by Blue Rooster’s team of professionals.
Jim Brabeck
Farm Supply Company